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I keep seeing the 'March For Women's Lives' flyers posted everywhere around where I live. (In NYC)
I've even seen them in Spanish.

I think what I find sickest about them is their name - 'March for Women's Lives'
I've always found it funny, how pro-choicers seem to try to avoid using the word 'abortion.'
It's always covered in some euphemism like 'reproductive rights,' 'women's health services' or now this latest incarnation 'women's lives.'
The reality of the March is that it's a march for abortion rights, yet you don't see those words plastered all over the place.
They use the word 'lives' in their slogan, in an attempt to what... appeal to saving lives - how ironic.

So... it would be unethical of me to take down the one's I see right?
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