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we were meant to live for so much more...

You know- I am so thrilled about this community! I'm a little disturbed that it took so long for someone to come up with the idea, seeing as how the march has been going on for 30 years- and the pro-aborts haven't marched in...i don't know how long & they just came up with one.

but you know? who cares! There's one now & it's awesome!

Last week was my 2nd time going to the march & I'm still amazed at the unity I found there. I'm still amazed at how many people come to this every year. And the one thing I took home with me this year- you know I've heard for half my life that I [and everyone who was born after january 22, 1973] was a survivor of the American Holocaust which is abortion- but it didn't really hit home until this year. 1 out of every 3 people has been killed because of abortion.

This nation could have killed off the person who could have come up with the cure for AIDS or Cancer or any other disease.

In any case- I'm also just ecstatic that the message about Operation Witness is taking off like it is.

The guy who is doing it- Randall Terry, he's my boss- I'm his personal secretary & he has been working on this for so long & I'm just...amazed that the word is getting out like it is!

I sincerely hope that LiveJournal can get a huge group of people together for this counter-protest in April. I'm so happy to see that there are so many people- from my generation- that is taking up this cause & not backing down & who are willing to not just protest- not just march with fellow pro-lifers, but who are willing to do counter-protests like this.

it's going to be awesome. If you have any questions- just ask & I'll try to answer them!
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I think it's awesome how you're so enthusiastic about the march. Would you like to be added as a co-maintainer of this group?
I hope that you'll keep us updated on any information we should know about the Operation Witness march. :)
Sure! What would be responsibilities? I would love to more of a part of this!

And I definitely will keep everyone posted as more information comes along!
There's not much to it...just this way you can ban/delete anyone who tries to start trouble here, and change the userinfo if you have info to add, whatever you want really. I added you as a maintainer. Also just uploaded that icon to advertise the Operation Witness march as the community's default. I'm sure that will catch some attention. :)
awesome! thanks for uploading it! my friend just completed it today...

before it was done i had the old one as my default & the girl from the other community found my journal & asked why i had her pro-choice icon. LOL. i replied back that shortly i would have an answer for her.

exactly the response i was looking for! ;)